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  1. Recomended: e-tape plus – 150 Meter Roll x 50mm

    Starting at: £2.88

    E-tape saves Time, space, effort and money.
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  2. Polyprop Packaging Tape

    Starting at: £1.03

    The traditional sticky packaging tape available in several roll widths for everyday use.

    Sticks to most paper and board surfaces, making it ideal for sealing cartons. Also known as Packing tape, P/P tape, available as Buff or Clear. Learn More
  3. Low Noise Tape

    Starting at: £1.75

    Low noise tape is ideally suited to busy and confined packing areas where the constant noise of tape being dispensed is a likely to become an irritation. Learn More
  4. Custom printed tapes
    An attractive and cost-effective way to promote your branding or corporate identity.  Available in 150m e-tape™, 66m standard tape or 990m machine tape. Choose from vinyl, low noise or polypropylene tape and up to 3 colour printing.

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  5. Stock Print Tapes

    Starting at: £2.28

    A range of standard warnings printed red on white background for maximum impact.
    Choose from 150m E-tape™ or standard 66mm tape.
    • Easy to read
    • Bespoke messages available
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  6. Maxtape® - Masking tape

    Starting at: £1.15

    Quality High Performance Masking Tape

    Maxtape® is the only range of masking and kraft self-adhesive tapes with the BondMark™ seal of quality to carry peace of mind. 

    Manufactured to the highest standard, the Maxtape® range covers most industrial applications, and is available in a wide range of widths.

    General purpose, sticks to most metals, plastic surfaces and removes cleanly after use.
    • Choice of sizes - 12mm to 72mm wide
    • Ideal for Labelling - Easy to write on surface
    • Easy to Lift - Versatile and light
    • No Need to Cut - Easy to tear by hand
    • Ideal for Labelling - Easy to write on surface
    • Quick and Easy to Use - Saves time
    • Pro Green Environment - Economically friendly paper based product
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  7. Reinforced filament tape

    Starting at: £7.62

    Extra strong tear resistant tape ideal for bundling heavy products and closing and reinforcing boxes.  Reinforced with glass fibre filaments.

    • Very strong  
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  8. Low Tac Protection Tape

    Starting at: £3.29

    Low tac tape is ideal for attaching a protective barrier to a finished surface, such as UPVC window frame or painted / coated metal product. Can be removed easily without leaving residue. Learn More
  9. Waterproof cloth tape

    Starting at: £2.40

    Manufactured from a layer of cloth and film laminated together to give it strength. Coated with a generous layer of adhesive and can be torn easily across its width.

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  10. Coloured tape

    Starting at: £1.60

    Premium grade vinyl

    Coloured tape for clear identification
    35 micron vinyl with solvent adhesive for ultimate adhesion andresistance to humidity and temperature change... 
    Available in White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange and in 4 sizes.

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  11. Machine tape

    Starting at: £18.00

    Polypropylene tape suitable for machine application, available in three grades.
    For ultimate adhesion and resistance to humidity and temperature change, use solvent adhesive. Learn More
  12. Finger Lift Double-Sided Tape - Perm
  13. Double Sided Tape - Perm

    Starting at: £1.38

    Strong double sided tape for a variety of applications.
    Available in easy tear tissue or tough polypropylene.
    Ideal for bonding plastic, metal, paper, wood or glass.
    Fingerlift has no adhesive on the edges making it very easy to remove the backing tape.

    • UV resistant
    • 3 types available
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  14. Tamper evident tape
    The material separates permanently leaving behind a message "Void Opened" if an attempt to remove it.

    Ideal for secure transporting of high value goods. Available in blue or red.
    • Secure
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  15. Self-adhesive paper tape

    Starting at: £2.28

    Strong natural paper tape without the need of water activation. Environmentally friendly to vinyl or polypropylene tape and easy to use on standard dispensers.
    • Environmentally friendly
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  16. Gummed Paper Tape

    Starting at: £4.32

    Water activated gummed paper tape. Strong, reliable and resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

    Once applied it provides a tamper evident seal. Any attempts to open will result in obvious damage to the carton.
    • Environmentally friendly
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Tamper evident
    • Cost Effective
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  17. Tape Dispensers - Hand or Desk top.

    Starting at: £2.66

    A tape dispenser is an essential piece of equipment when applying tape to a carton or other surface. Available in:
    • 50 or 75mm width
    • Medium or heavy duty
    Please call for more information or advice. Learn More
  18. Carton sealing machine
    Ideal for use in a high volume carton packing environment.

    Ask our staff for further details Learn More
  19. Glue guns
    Industrial glue guns for use with glue sticks for bonding of most paper or plastic.

    Makes continuous dispensing of glue controllable and straight forward. Learn More
  20. Glue sticks

    A wide range of glue sticks are available for most hot melt guns.
    Specialist glues available on request.

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  21. Transfer tape
    A quality acrylic adhesive with good resistance to high temperature and aging.

    Used where two items are held very closely together, such as picture framing, photo mounting and product assembly.

    Glue on a roll that bonds almost any surface. Learn More
  22. Non adhesive hazard / Barrier tape

    Starting at: £15.60

    Non-adhesive, high visibility barrier tape for cordoning off areas.

    • Highly visible


    Learn More
  23. Line Marking - Hazard Tape

    Starting at: £6.84

    Heavy duty PVC floor marking tape in solid or striped colours.Convenient way to mark out aisles, lines, hazard areas and tools.
    Easily applied with a dispenser and is cleaner to apply than paint.

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  24. Anti Slip Tape Roll

    Starting at: £24.00

    Heavy duty Anti Slip floor marking tape in solid or striped colours.Convenient way to mark out aisles, lines, hazard areas and tools.
    Easily applied by hand and is quicker and cleaner to apply than paint.

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  25. Polypropylene strapping tape
    White non-stretch durable strapping tape for bundling applications. Easily removed after use without damaging your products.

    • Easy to use
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25 Item(s)

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