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  1. Procell Foam Wrap

    Starting at: £33.00

    Protective LDPE foam packaging

    The ultimate, cost effective protection… Procell has a unique cross-linked cellular construction which means it is resilient to impact and has an anti-scratch surface.

    It is excellent for overwrapping or interleaving items that could scuff, and can pack all shapes and fragile items.
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  2. Foam edge protection

    Starting at: £0.22

    Re-useable foam protection for tubes, edges and corners.  High impact protection and rapid application makes foam edge protection the right choice for protecting furniture, shelving, glass, worktops, or doors.
    • Strong, lightweight protection
    • Easy to use
    • 100% recyclable
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  3. Self Adhesive Foam
    Ideal for protecting edges without needing to use tape or strapping to hold it in place. Learn More
  4. Poly Laminate sheets

    Starting at: £15.52

    High density sheet foam, can be used to protect heavy and unusual shaped products. Easy to cut by hand to the desired size.
    • Cost effective lightweight protection
    • Available from stock
    • Choice of 25 or 50mm (1 / 2") thick
    • Custom sizes available to order
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  5. Basic-line cutter

    Starting at: £540.00

    Mobile unit for dispensing and cutting packaging materials with a worktable. Maximum roll diameter is 900mm and up to 300kg roll weight...
    Adjustable cutting height to suit every packing operation. Max cutting widths of 2050mm and is also available to take 2 rolls and 2 cutters. Ideal for cutting bubble wrap, foam wrap, corrugated cardboard, polythene or paper. Castors supplied with brakes for mobile or fixed applications.
    • Fast, easy to use
    • Safe and professional
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