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Strapping Tools/Machines (Favourite)

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  1. Extruded Polyester Dispenser
    The Perfect Kit

    The correct dispenser to be used in conjunction with Tornado - Extruded polyester strapping
    This neat and well presented dispenser has a handy holder to keep your seals together in one compact unit.

    Learn More
  2. Oscillation wound steel banding dispenser
    Essential for dispensing oscillation wound steel strapping. Learn More
  3. Ribbon wound steel banding dispenser
    Makes using ribbon wound steel strapping simple.

    Comes with holder for tools and seals. Learn More
  4. Woven polyester dispenser
    Makes dispensing woven polyester strapping easy. Learn More
  5. PP Strapping Kits

    Starting at: £199.86

    A cost effective way to get started with polypropylene strapping!

    Why not request your starter kit today?

    Dispensers can also be purchased separately...

    Learn More
  6. Steel strapping tools
  7. Friction weld tool

    Starting at: £600.00

    Can be used with Polypropylene or Polyester strapping. A fast and effective method of strapping goods onto pallets, especially when moving high volumes. Learn More
  8. Plastic strapping tools

    Starting at: £36.60

    Strapping tools for use with:
    • polypropylene
    • extruded polyester
    • woven polyester
    • steel banding/strapping
    Learn More
  9. Fully-Automatic strapping machine
    A high speed solution to strapping various sized parcels.

    The standard machine has an arch size of 850mm wide by 600mm high.
    These machines can be ordered with arch widths of up to 1400mm and heights of up to 1250mm.
    • New generation machine
    • 27 straps per minute
    • Arch size 850mm wide x 600mm high
    • Suitable for 9 or 12mm strap
    • Auto strap feed
    • External tension control
    • Low maintenance mechanism
    Please call for more information or to request a quotation. Learn More
  10. Semi-Automatic strapping machine

    Starting at: £1,163.40

    A very popular semi-automatic strapping machine and is a must for every pick and pack operation.

    This model (TP201) has the added safety benefit of an enclosed frame. This machine is very simple to use and can be incorporated in a small packing area.

    • Easy operation
    • External mechanical tension control
    • Reliable and low maintenance
    • Suitable for 6-16mm strap
    • Robust construction
    Learn More
  11. Semi Automatic Strapping / Banding
    Systempak S105
    A great compact every day use strapping machine, built for simplicity of use, reliability and great value.
    This machine is easy to load with an exposed coil holder and will feed at the touch of a button, making reloading this machine quick and straight forward.
    The operational controls are equally effective and simple with a dial for strap length and tension control.

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11 Item(s)

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