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Paper / Tissue

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  1. UG plain imitation kraft roll

    Starting at: £28.80

    An economical alternative to pure kraft paper. Made from 100% recycled paper. Excellent for layer protection.
    • Suitable for light to medium applications
    • 100% recycled fibres
    • Cost effective
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  2. News Offcut Paper (10Kg)

    Starting at: £19.14

    Heavy duty, white news off cuts. Used for wrapping and protecting fragile items. Learn More
  3. Pure ribbed kraft paper roll

    Starting at: £48.96

    Easy to use for all general wrapping applications.
    Ideal for wrapping parcels for mailing.
    • Strong tear resistant wrapping paper
    •  Made from 100% pure natural kraft fibres
    •  5 Roll widths
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  4. Kraft union paper roll

    Starting at: £46.86

    Kraft Union waterproof paper. Bitumen between layers of kraft paper provide moisture and waterproof barrier.
    Ideal for export case lining or wrapping.
    • Waterproof
    • High tear and puncture resistant
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  5. Crepe paper rolls
    Easily wraps around different shaped products.

    • Adapts to awkward shapes
    Learn More
  6. Globular embossed paper rolls
    Embossed for additional protection.
    • Cushions & protects
    Learn More
  7. Interleaving tissue rolls
    Thicker and wider than traditional tissue sheets. On a roll for ease of use and can be fitted on a dispenser. Learn More
  8. Waxed kraft paper

    Starting at: £28.80

    Ideal for wrapping greasy or oily components.
    • Seals against leakage
    Learn More
  9. Coloured tissue paper

    Starting at: £17.10

    This vibrant tissue is the ultimate choice for presentation and A/F (acid free) tissue
    helps prevent jewellery tarnishing.
    • Wide choice of colours
    •  Approximately 500 sheets per ream
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  10. Tissue paper

    Starting at: £7.56

    Premium quality tissue paper for wrapping.
    Cap tissue is made from recycled paper.
    • Acid free or Cap tissue paper 
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Metal may tarnish, put with  non-acid free tissue, as it  reacts with the acid  (i.e. jewellery)
    Learn More
  11. Greaseproof Paper

    Starting at: £25.56

    Ideal for use in the catering environment. Learn More

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