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  1. Loose fill chips

    Starting at: £54.00

    Packing chips are available in Polystyrene or biodegradable. Commonly known as Packing peanuts, Flow pack or void fill.
    Our Fastfil or Biofil chips are S shaped designed to lock together providing ultimate support for the item being protected.
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Can be reused and recycled
    • Environmentally friendly
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  2. Airsafe Small Bubble Wrap

    Starting at: £44.40

    100 Metre Roll

    Used for packing all shapes and sizes of fragile items. Wraps around shape of contents and reduces delivery costs, due to being very lightweight.

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  3. Airsafe Large Bubble Wrap

    Starting at: £45.60

    45 Metre Roll Used for packing all shapes and sizes of fragile items. Wraps around shape of contents and reduces delivery costs, due to being very lightweight. Learn More
  4. Procell Foam Wrap

    Starting at: £33.00

    Protective LDPE foam packaging

    The ultimate, cost effective protection… Procell has a unique cross-linked cellular construction which means it is resilient to impact and has an anti-scratch surface.

    It is excellent for overwrapping or interleaving items that could scuff, and can pack all shapes and fragile items.
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  5. Foam edge protection

    Starting at: £0.22

    Re-useable foam protection for tubes, edges and corners.  High impact protection and rapid application makes foam edge protection the right choice for protecting furniture, shelving, glass, worktops, or doors.
    • Strong, lightweight protection
    • Easy to use
    • 100% recyclable
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  6. Corrugated Paper

    Starting at: £84.00

    Flexible, lightweight single-faced corrugated paper/card, ideal for interleaving, wrapping and separating products.

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  7. Edge Boards

    Starting at: £0.12

    Ideal for protecting and holding together stacked boxes on a pallet. Should be held in place by strapping. Learn More
  8. Airsafe™ bubble pouches

    Starting at: £0.04

    An effective way of protecting small and flat products or components.
    Has a peel and seal lip for quick and easy packing.
    For sensitive electrical components such as mobile phones or PCB boards, use the anti static bubble pouches.
    • Protective and flexible, transparent and easy-to-identify
    • Excellent cushioning for fragile or delicate products
    • Smooth inside (bubbles outside) for sliding items in and out with ease.
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  9. Edge and corner protectors

    Starting at: £0.01

    • Plastic edge protectors prevent strapping crushing the edges of cartons and ensures the strapping does not slip .
    • Expanding corner protectors are ideal for items such as laminated worktops, cupboard doors, picture frames etc.
    • Plastic open corner protectors can be used for protecting flat packed sheeting, whilst in transit.
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  10. Greyboard
    Greyboard is available in several thicknesses from 500 - 4000 micron and sizes up to 2750mm long x 1350mm wide. Commonly used for book binding and picture framing. Learn More
  11. SwiftguardTM
    Fluted polypropylene protection board

    This durable layerpad can easily be shaped to size, due to it's versatile nature.
    SwiftguardTM has a custom printing option, available, to reveal your marketing message.

    Excellent floor protection, or for covering large areas whilst powder coating or can be used as a layerpad. Strong but it is easily creased or cut to size.
    Choose from either black or translucent. Custom printing available for as little as 500 sheets. Learn More
  12. Corrugated Sheetboard

    Starting at: £3.67

    Load stability

    Single or double wall sheet board. Ideal as a layerpad for increasing load stability.
    • Cost effective
    • Protects from vibration and abrasion in transit
    • Virtually any size available
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  13. UG plain imitation kraft roll

    Starting at: £28.80

    An economical alternative to pure kraft paper. Made from 100% recycled paper. Excellent for layer protection.
    • Suitable for light to medium applications
    • 100% recycled fibres
    • Cost effective
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  14. News Offcut Paper (10Kg)

    Starting at: £19.14

    Heavy duty, white news off cuts. Used for wrapping and protecting fragile items. Learn More
  15. Pure ribbed kraft paper roll

    Starting at: £48.96

    Easy to use for all general wrapping applications.
    Ideal for wrapping parcels for mailing.
    • Strong tear resistant wrapping paper
    •  Made from 100% pure natural kraft fibres
    •  5 Roll widths
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  16. Kraft union paper roll

    Starting at: £46.86

    Kraft Union waterproof paper. Bitumen between layers of kraft paper provide moisture and waterproof barrier.
    Ideal for export case lining or wrapping.
    • Waterproof
    • High tear and puncture resistant
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  17. Crepe paper rolls
    Easily wraps around different shaped products.

    • Adapts to awkward shapes
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  18. Globular embossed paper rolls
    Embossed for additional protection.
    • Cushions & protects
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  19. Interleaving tissue rolls
    Thicker and wider than traditional tissue sheets. On a roll for ease of use and can be fitted on a dispenser. Learn More
  20. Waxed kraft paper

    Starting at: £28.80

    Ideal for wrapping greasy or oily components.
    • Seals against leakage
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  21. Coloured tissue paper

    Starting at: £17.10

    This vibrant tissue is the ultimate choice for presentation and A/F (acid free) tissue
    helps prevent jewellery tarnishing.
    • Wide choice of colours
    •  Approximately 500 sheets per ream
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  22. Tissue paper

    Starting at: £7.56

    Premium quality tissue paper for wrapping.
    Cap tissue is made from recycled paper.
    • Acid free or Cap tissue paper 
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Metal may tarnish, put with  non-acid free tissue, as it  reacts with the acid  (i.e. jewellery)
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  23. Greaseproof Paper

    Starting at: £25.56

    Ideal for use in the catering environment. Learn More
  24. Airpillow systems

    Starting at: £110.22

    Using airpillows saves up to 90% more space than other types of voidfill.

    It also:
    • requires less material
    • it is fast, neat and light
    • can be reused over and over or be deflated before disposal.
    Cost effective - 1 roll of standard 200mm x 175mm airpillow film produces the equivalent of over 15 packs of polystyrene loosefill.

    The film created using a 3 layer co-extruded film which increases strength and durability. Available as a cushion film, which is an extremely versatile product for cushioning and wrapping.
    Call us for a demonstration. Learn More
  25. Polystyrene sheets
    This standard range of polystyrene sheets can be used to protect heavy and unusual shaped products.  Custom sizes or shapes are easily available to order.
    • Cost effective lightweight protection
    • CFC free
    • Custom sizes
    Learn More
  26. Self Adhesive Foam
    Ideal for protecting edges without needing to use tape or strapping to hold it in place. Learn More
  27. Instapak Quick foam cushions
    Convenient, portable and compact foam-in-bag protective packaging cushions that operate at room temperature.
    • Space saving
    • Simple and easy to use

    Learn More
  28. Polybeads

    Starting at: £35.10

    Bean bag filler. Can be used for packaging delicate items or as insulation.

    • Fire retardant
    • CFC free
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  29. Poly Laminate sheets

    Starting at: £15.52

    High density sheet foam, can be used to protect heavy and unusual shaped products. Easy to cut by hand to the desired size.
    • Cost effective lightweight protection
    • Available from stock
    • Choice of 25 or 50mm (1 / 2") thick
    • Custom sizes available to order
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  30. Basic-line cutter

    Starting at: £540.00

    Mobile unit for dispensing and cutting packaging materials with a worktable. Maximum roll diameter is 900mm and up to 300kg roll weight...
    Adjustable cutting height to suit every packing operation. Max cutting widths of 2050mm and is also available to take 2 rolls and 2 cutters. Ideal for cutting bubble wrap, foam wrap, corrugated cardboard, polythene or paper. Castors supplied with brakes for mobile or fixed applications.
    • Fast, easy to use
    • Safe and professional
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