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Void / Loosefill (Favourite)

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  1. Loose fill chips

    Starting at: £54.00

    Packing chips are available in Polystyrene or biodegradable. Commonly known as Packing peanuts, Flow pack or void fill.
    Our Fastfil or Biofil chips are S shaped designed to lock together providing ultimate support for the item being protected.
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Can be reused and recycled
    • Environmentally friendly
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  2. 200 x 120 Air Bag Film
  3. Airpillow systems

    Starting at: £110.22

    Using airpillows saves up to 90% more space than other types of voidfill.

    It also:
    • requires less material
    • it is fast, neat and light
    • can be reused over and over or be deflated before disposal.
    Cost effective - 1 roll of standard 200mm x 175mm airpillow film produces the equivalent of over 15 packs of polystyrene loosefill.

    The film created using a 3 layer co-extruded film which increases strength and durability. Available as a cushion film, which is an extremely versatile product for cushioning and wrapping.
    Call us for a demonstration. Learn More
  4. Instapak Quick foam cushions
    Convenient, portable and compact foam-in-bag protective packaging cushions that operate at room temperature.
    • Space saving
    • Simple and easy to use

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  5. Polybeads

    Starting at: £35.10

    Bean bag filler. Can be used for packaging delicate items or as insulation.

    • Fire retardant
    • CFC free
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