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  1. Grey Mailing Bags

    Starting at: £17.52

    Wide Range of Sizes from Very Small to Extra Large
    Opaque Grey Mailing Bags with Permanent Self Adhesive Strip
    • Large Stocks held ensuring Quick Delivery
    • Strong and Durable
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Made from Recycled Plastics
    • Custom Sizes, Colours, Printing with your Design and Logo available subject to Minimum Quantities
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  2. Lay Flat Tubing (LFT)

    Starting at: £11.22

    Polythene Lay Flat tubing made from virgin material, unless otherwise stated.
    Ideal for long and irregular items; make your own size bag - simply heat seal the ends.  Protect blinds, carpets and long pole shaped objects against dust, water and scratches. Black is also available for security, or colours for quick identification.
    • Recyclable and Economical 
    • Use impulse heat sealer, for neat professional finish
    • Bespoke printing
    • Wide range of widths and ticknesses in stock
    • Any sizes and gauge, subject to minimum order quantities
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  3. Sheet Polythene

    Starting at: £27.60

    Polythene sheeting on a roll for general protection of products in storage against dust, moisture.

    • Choice of widths
    • Bespoke sizes available

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  4. Polythene Top Sheets

    Starting at: £0.04

    Pallet top sheets

    Most pallet loads need top protection - therefore polythene top sheets are the simplest solution!

    Choose from black or transparent.

    Clear polythene pallet top sheets supplied on a roll or flat packed. 
    for protecting the top of pallets from dust or moisture during transport or storage.

    Use black for security of contents.

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  5. Shrink sheet polythene

    Starting at: £6.59

    Shrink polythene packed on a roll and can be easily cut to the required length.
    Shrinks tight round the product, no matter what shape.
    • Ideal for awkward shapes
    • Bespoke widths available

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  6. Unrolling device
    For lay flat tubing or PVC shrink films. Learn More
  7. Mobile polythene roll dispenser
    Adjustable in length and can hold up to 3 rolls.
    Can be floor or wall mounted and adjusts form 1.2m to 2m wide. Learn More
  8. PVC and polyolefin shrink films

    Starting at: £35.40

    High clarity shrinkfilm, enhances sales appeal and presentation of products such as toys, games, CDs/DVDs, stationery and many other items.
    PVC shrinks at approx 80°C and retracts 40%.
    Polyolefin film shrinks at 120°C and retracts up to 50%.
    • Improves presentation
    • Protects product



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  9. S-typ magnet impulse sealers

    Magnet impulse sealers are the fastest way of sealing bags or tubing on long production runs. 
    Available as 
    a complete system which includes the stand and rollers or just as a bench sealer. 
    The seal time 
    and magnet hold down time are adjustable.

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  10. Pedestal Heat Sealer
  11. Heat sealers
  12. Super poly sealers

    Portable impulse tongs for sealing large seals or long lengths of polythene, or where a product is very heavy. 
    Has a 3mm 
    seal for use on polythene up to 1000g. Transformer required.

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  13. Shrink film systems
    Bar sealers, L sealers and Industrial hot air guns Learn More
  14. Chamber machines
    L-sealer with combined heat shrink chamber with a film dispenser and trolley.
    For use with centrefolded PVC and polyolefin films. Seals, cuts and shrinks in one easy operation.
    • Easy to use
    • Time saving
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  15. Gas bottle trolley
    Ideal for moving heavy gas bottles around, allowing shrink guns to become mobile.

    • Increases operator efficiency
    • Safe handling
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  16. Shrinkit gun
    A popular gun for heat shrinking polythene with regulator and 8m hose with swivel connector.
    Uses propane gas.
    • Easy to use
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  17. Ripack shrink gun
    Heat shrinks pallet covers and polythene sheeting to ensure protection for your products. The Ripack 2200 comes with a double safety regulator, cold touch flame guard and 8m hose with swivel connector and carry case. Powered by propane gas.

    • Ergonomic and lightweight - reduces operator fatigue
    • Safe and easy to use - stay cool nozzle reduces risk of burns
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  18. Garment Covers
  19. Furniture Covers - 180G
  20. Car Seat Covers
  21. Shrink polythene pallet covers

    Starting at: £6.59

    The convenient way to shrink wrap pallets, these heavy duty pallet covers are supplied on a roll and perforated for tearing off easily. Bespoke sizes or printed covers can be made to your requirements subject to minimum order quantity.
    • Ultimate load stability
    • Easy to use
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  22. H.D. Sheets

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22 Item(s)

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