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Top sheets / Covers

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  1. Sheet Polythene

    Starting at: £27.60

    Polythene sheeting on a roll for general protection of products in storage against dust, moisture.

    • Choice of widths
    • Bespoke sizes available

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  2. Polythene Top Sheets

    Starting at: £0.04

    Pallet top sheets

    Most pallet loads need top protection - therefore polythene top sheets are the simplest solution!

    Choose from black or transparent.

    Clear polythene pallet top sheets supplied on a roll or flat packed. 
    for protecting the top of pallets from dust or moisture during transport or storage.

    Use black for security of contents.

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  3. Garment Covers
  4. Furniture Covers - 180G
  5. Car Seat Covers
  6. H.D. Sheets

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6 Item(s)

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