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  1. Salt / Grit
    De-icing salt

    Did you know why marine salt is far
    better than traditional Brown Rock Salt?

    Cleaner – leaves virtually no residue –
    unlike the clay to be trodden inside
    from Rock Salt

    Higher purity levels means the salt
    starts to work quicker, plus it’s the salt
    that does the de-icing not the grit!

    Covers a larger area
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  2. First aid kits
    First aid kits

    Fully stocked and HSE compliant first aid kits packed in a durable hinged case with a hanging bracket.
    Specialist kits for food handlers or burns are available on request.

    HSE compliant

    Refills available
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  3. Eyewash station
    Eyewash station

    Kit includes 2x sterile eyewash bottles (500ml) and 2x sterile eye pad dressings.
    Supplied with wall bracket. Learn More
  4. Plasters
    High quality hypoallergenic plasters individually wrapped and sterile.
    Available in stretch fabric or blue metal detectable and supplied in a assorted pack of 150.
    Order Code  Description  Pack Quantity
    23AFP  Assorted fabric plasters  150
    23AWP  Assorted blue washproof plasters  150
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  5. Accident book
    Accident book

    Complies with the latest data protection legislation and
    is a statutory requirement for all businesses to record
    all accidents.
    Order Code  Description
    23ACB  HSE accident book
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  6. Disposable aprons
    Disposable aprons

    Polythene aprons provide an economical protection and is ideal for areas where aprons need to be changed frequently for hygiene purposes.
    Order Code  Description  Pack Quantity
    23A27  Disposable aprons-on-roll  100
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  7. Disposable ear plugs
    Disposable ear plugs

    Disposable brightly coloured shaped foam ear plugs provide a high level of protection.
    More hygienic than the traditional ear muffs.
    Order Code  Description  Pack Quantity
    25DEARP  Disposable ear plugs  200 pairs

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  8. Head and eye protection
    Specialist helmets and safety spectacles are available as a special order.
    Please ask our technical team if you need help selecting or can't see what you want. Learn More
  9. High visibility clothing

    High visibility garments for warehouse or external workers.
    Garments can be printed with your logo with as little as 50 garments and are also available in orange. 
    Ask us about bulk contract deals for your Hi Vis clothing.

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  10. Ear muffs
    Ear muff - comfortable light duty with adjustable size. Conforms to SNR25
    Order Code Description
    25EARMUF Ear muffs
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  11. Hand Sanitizer for Coronavirus
    65% Alcohol Hand Cleanser with Pump - 500ML

    • Recommended to use in Businesses
    • No Water, No Rinse, No Towels Required
    • One Application Anti Bacterial Gel Cleanses Hands 
    • Handy 500ml Pump Dispenser
    • Available in packs of 12 or singles
    Order NOW while stocks last - Minimum Order 12 Please enquire about 450ml soon coming into stock, if more than 12 are needed - sales@sapphirepackaging.com or 01702 205 999 Learn More
  12. Disposable overshoes
    Disposable overshoes

    Polythene overshoes for hygiene reasons, protecting floor surfaces from dirt off your shoes or for protecting your shoes.
    Order Code  Description  Pack Quantity
    23DOS  Disposable overshoes  100

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  13. Disposable dust masks
    Dust?  Fumes? - Mask Your Lungs!

    Disposable dust mask with preformed nose-bridge ensures consistent positive fit.
    Suitable for non-toxic dusts, mists and fumes.
    Order Code  Description  Pack Quantity
    25MP1  Disposable dust masks - Betafit P1  20

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  14. White disposable coverall
    White disposable coverall

    White coverall with zip closure, made from
    polypropylene laminate material, provides an effective
    barrier against a variety of common industrial aerosols
    and liquids. Ideal for all types of spray painting or
    powder coating.
    Order Code  Description
    23DCVA  White disposable coverall
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  15. Gloves - hand protection
    A wide range of gloves are available from disposable latex gloves to heavy duty rigger gloves and specialist gloves such as thermal gloves to protect against extreme temperatures or for handling of sensitive electrical components.
    For full specifications, please call our customer services team who will be happy to advise you.
    Size                       Prefix
    7 / Small / Ladies  SM
    8 / Medium            ME
    9 / Large / Mens    LA
    10 / Extra Large    XL
    *add prefix of size to code when
    Learn More
  16. Uniwipe Clinical Cleansing Wipes
    Good-sized, strong and absorbent, cleaning wipes, ideal for deep cleaning and combating viruses and deadly disease.

    • Double action cleaner and sanitiser wipe
    • Oversize 20cm x 20cm wipe for quick and easy cleaning
    • Harmless, hand safe and suitable for most surfaces
    • Kills Norovirus, MRSA and H1N1 with Sanitising efficacy EN1276 and EN13727 standards
    • Available in packs of 10x200 or single packs of 200
    • More cost effective than Uniwipe Clinical at as low as 6p per wipe
    Order NOW while stocks last Learn More
  17. Anti Slip Tape Roll

    Starting at: £24.00

    Heavy duty Anti Slip floor marking tape in solid or striped colours.Convenient way to mark out aisles, lines, hazard areas and tools.
    Easily applied by hand and is quicker and cleaner to apply than paint.

    Learn More
  18. 50mmx18.3m - Black Yellow Anti Slip Floor Tape
    Social Distancing Floor Tape with the added benefit of Anti Slip Grip Surface Learn More
  19. hand sanitizer 5 litre alcohol
    70% Alcohol Hand Cleanser Refill - 5 Litre

    • Recommended for use in Businesses
    • No Water, No Rinse, No Towels Required
    • One Application Anti Bacterial Gel Cleanses Hands 
    • 70% Alcohol Content
    • Packed in box of 2, also available as Singles
    • Bulk Discounts - Please enquire
    Order NOW while stocks last Please enquire about Bulk Discounts if more than 10 are needed - sales@sapphirepackaging.com or 01702 205 999

    Learn More

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