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Grey Mailing Bags

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Wide Range of Sizes from Very Small to Extra Large

Opaque Grey Mailing Bags with Permanent Self Adhesive Strip

  • Large Stocks held ensuring Quick Delivery
  • Strong and Durable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made from Recycled Plastics
  • Custom Sizes, Colours, Printing with your Design and Logo available subject to Minimum Quantities

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Code Product Name - (Hover for price) Quantity
20G00 Size00 5x7 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
1,000  £17.50 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £80.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000
10,000  £146.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x10,000
20G0 Size0 6x9 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
1,000  £20.20 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £93.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000
10,000  £172.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x10,000
20G1 Size1 9x12 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
1,000  £32.60 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £150.50 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000
10,000  £280.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x10,000
20G1A Size1A 10x14 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
1,000  £39.60 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £183.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000
10,000  £340.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x10,000
20G2 Size2 12x16 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
500  £25.75 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x500
3,000  £142.50 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x3,000
10,000  £440.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x10,000
20G3 Size3 13x19 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
500  £31.50 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x500
3,000  £174.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x3,000
10,000  £538.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x10,000
20G4 Size4 16x21 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
500  £44.05 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x500
3,000  £243.60 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x3,000
10,000  £755.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x10,000
20G5 Size5 18x22 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
200  £21.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x200
1,000  £96.80 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £450.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000
20G6 Size6 21x24 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
200  £26.76 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x200
1,000  £123.50 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £574.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000
20G7 Size7 23x28 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
200  £33.48 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x200
1,000  £154.30 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £716.50 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000
20G8 Size8 24x36 Grey Poly Mailer Bags
200  £44.86 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x200
1,000  £206.20 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x1,000
5,000  £961.00 @ £0.00 /   
-+ x5,000



PLEASE NOTE PRODUCTS ARE LISTED ABOVE IN INCHES - Need help converting to centimetres? Please use this helpful table below.

Sizing Guide - Grey Mailing Bags Sizes and Order Codes
OrderCode  Size Code  Size (Inches) Size (mm) Thickness (Gauge) Pack Quantity
20G00  No.00 or #00  5 x 7  120 x 170  220 1000
20G0  No.0 or #0  6 x 9  150 x 225  260 1000
20G1  No.1 or #1  9 x 12  225 x 300  220 1000
20G1A  No.1A or #1A  10 x 14  250 x 350  220 1000
20G2  No.2 or #2  12 x 16  300 x 400  220 500
20G3  No.3 or #3  13 x 19  325 x 475  220 500
20G4  No.4 or #4  16 x 21  400 x 525  220 500
20G5  No.5 or #5  18 x 24  450 x 550  280 200
20G6  No.6 or #6  21 x 24  525 x 600  280 200
20G7  No.7 or #7  23 x 28  575 x 700  280 200
20G8  No.8 or #8  23 x 28  600 x 900  280 200

How to Measure Mailing Bags

Measuring to find out which poly mailing bag to order to fit your item(s) is easier than first meets the eye.

Simply measure the diameter of the width of the product (or products put together), by placing a tape measure under the item being packaged, and bringing the measure to top around the centre from side to side, draw the measure together and make a note of this measurement.

Then do the same for the length of the product.

Take the width measurement and divide by 2, this will provide the width measurement of the mailing bag. Then take the length measurement and do the same, to calculate the length measurement of the mailer bag.

We then match both these measurements to the nearest mailer bag measurements available, only using sizes larger to allow for movement room, otherwise it will be difficult to insert your item.

For example, a product measuring 50cm around the circumference in the middle of the shortest side, and measuring 80cm around the circumference in the middle of longest side, will fit a 25cm x 40cm mailing bag (or 10x16inch), which we then recommend that the measurements are rounded up to the nearest size available on both dimensions to ensure some movement room, so in this case, would be the 300x400cm grey mailer bag (12x16inch Mailer Bag).

Measuring the mailing bags itself to find out what size to re-order is very simple.

Measure the width from side to side (that will be the width of the mailing bag) and then measure the length from top to bottom, but not including the additional flap piece for sealing the mailing bag, as this is only included on one side, and not included in the sizes stated on our website, and referred to as the lip measurement, usually around 5cm (2inches).

Convert cm to inches

Take the cm measurement and divide by 2.5. This gives the approximate amount in inches.

For example, 75cm divided by 2.5 equals 30 inches.

Convert inches to cm

Take the inch measurement (use 0.5 for half an inch if necessary) and multiply by 2.5. This gives an approximate measurement in centimetres.

For example 30.5 inches multiplied by 2.5 equals 76.25 (76 centimetres rounded down).

What size mailing bags for clothes?

Here are some typical mailing bag sizes that suit certain clothing; a folded shirt would fit in 13x19inch mailer, a coat would fit in 24x36inch mailer, two shoe boxes would fit in our 23x28inch mailer, for an exact match, please use our handy measuring guide, How to Measure for Mailing Bags, to check the exact size of the grey poly mailer that is needed for single items of clothing, or even a bundle of clothes.

What size mailing bag for shoe box?

A standard shoe box is around 3x7x11inches and this would usually fit in a 13x19 Mailer Bag.

Two shoe boxes would usually fit in a 21x24inch Mailer Bag or 23x28inch Mailer Bag

How to check this?

Please use our handy measuring guide, How to Measure for Mailing Bags, to check the exact mailing bag size for the shoe box that is needed.

What size mailing bags for t shirts?

One single folded T-shirt would usually be folded to fit within a 12x16inch clear shirt bag for high presentation packing, therefore the size of this clear bag could be used as a guide for which grey mailing bags could be used to mail the item.

For easy to insertion and quick packing we would recommend the following:

Garments inserted in a 9x12 clear garment bags - 10x14 Mailing Bags

Garments inserted in a 10x12 clear garment bags – 12x16 Mailing Bags

Garments inserted in 12x15 or 12x16 clear garment bags - 13x19 Mailing Bags

Garments inserted in 14x17 Clear Garment Bags – 16x21 Mailing Bags

Folded Garment inserted in 15x20 Clear Garment Bag - 18x22 Mailing Bags

Single Folded Garment inserted in 18x22 Clear Garment Bag – 21x24 Mailing Bags

This then provides plenty of space for promotional materials or returns paperwork.

If clear garment bag is not being used to present the t-shirt, the fold and package the t-shirt as you would like to present and then please use our handy measuring guide, How to Measure for Mailing Bags, to check the exact size of the mailing bags needed.

What is a poly mailing bag?

Poly Mailing Bags can either be an Opaque Mailing Bags that you cannot see through, completely hiding its contents, or a Clear Mailing Bags that clearly present the contents, which is more ideal for leaflets, catalogues, and other promotional materials, so persons can see your information without even having to open the envelope.

All mailing bags have a permanent seal strip to ensure goods cannot be tampered with during transit. Some may have a printed suffocation warning notice to ensure that bag is not left with babies and children, but this is not always needed and depends on how and where the mailing bag is being used.

Poly Mailing Bags are not to be confused with Garment Bags (or Shirt Bags) used for presenting garments professionally in the e-commerce market, as these have re-sealable strip for easy opening and closing and always contain a printed suffocation warning notice on the bags, which can be an issue when mailing catalogues, as it is usually preferred the mailer has a permanent sealing strip, so this cannot be opened and the contents tampered, and in some cases the printed warning notice, can obscure the printed document contained, resulting in a poorer presentation.

Are grey plastic mailing bags recyclable?

Yes, our grey mailing bags are LDPE plastic and can recycled in the commercial situation and usually be recycled through the home domestic recycling bins or recycle centre.

However local councils all have different rules about how plastics can be recycled, so please visit your local council website to check what currently applies for household and business recycling.

Can you reuse plastic mailing bags?

Yes, they can, providing the packaging is opened carefully, without tearing the plastic the seal is adhered too. Most poly mailer packaging bags have a single sealing strip with a permanent glue, so once this seal is used to send goods initially, then it will slightly damage the grey mailer by tearing the plastic when the bag is pulled open.

However, when using the grey poly mailer bag again (say to return unwanted items on a courier) if the bag is cut carefully open, then usually there is plenty of bag left to wrap around goods and this can then be resealed together with packaging tape.

On the other hand, e commerce mailing bags often have a double sealing strip giving two permanent sealing strips, one that the sender uses to seal the package, and a second for the buyer to use when returning goods.

These custom mailers are usually printed with e-commerce shop details and a ‘cut along the dotted line’ text to ensure the buyer opens the bag in the correct place and doesn’t damage the second sealing strip for returning the goods.

For e-commerce business, it is important to ensure staff packaging goods are correctly advised to use the most outer sealing strip when packaging goods for resale, as using the inner (second strip) does result in the outer strip not being able to be used.

If bespoke printed mailers or mailing bags with double sealing strips are needed, you have further questions, or are not sure which product will work best for you, then please reach out to our friendly advisors, either on the chat box online, by emailing sales@sapphirepackaging.com or telephoning 01702 205 999. We look forward to being of assistance.

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Additional Information

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