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  1. Budget Sack Barrow
    This popular sack truck provides excellent value for money. Strong steel construction with solid tyres and 250kg load capacity. Ideal for most warehouse or delivery operations. 1150 x 405mm Learn More
  2. Magliner sack trucks
    This premium 'Magliner Courier' truck is a very strong lightweight aluminium sack truck with interchangeable parts.
    Accessories include:- nose and frame extensions, stair climbers, keg hooks, solid wheels, folding nose plates and much more.
    • Pneumatic wheels as standard
    • Long lasting
    Learn More
  3. Sack ties

    Starting at: £0.02

    Ideal for sealing woven sacks, heavy duty polythene bags or attaching a tag to a product.
    Very quick when used with the sack tying tool.
    Also available with a plastic coating if required.
    • Easy to use
    Learn More
  4. Rubble Sacks

    Starting at: £0.15

    Strong, puncture resistant heavy duty sacks, ideal for heavy, irregular material such as rubble, gravel or metallic waste. Also known as aggregate sacks.
    The compactor sack is a heavy duty refuse sack. Learn More
  5. Woven P/P (Polypropylene) Sacks

    Starting at: £0.23

    Lump it all in one sack!

    White multi purpose woven polypropylene sacks.
    Strong and split resistant, they make an ideal postal bag for bulky or heavy components such as parcels.
    Can be printed up to 4 colours.

    • Bespoke printing
    • 100% recyclable
    Learn More
  6. Paper sacks

    Starting at: £0.55

    Gusseted paper sacks suited for mailing large bulky products.
    • Heavy duty, twin-ply kraft paper sack with side gusset
    • Strong stitched bottom seal
    Learn More
  7. 20x30 - White Woven Poly Prop Sacks
  8. 24x36 - T6 H.T Sacks
  9. 24x40 - White Woven Poly Prop Sacks
  10. 18x24 - T3 H.T Sacks
  11. 18x29x38 - Med Red Refuse Sacks
  12. 12x18 - White Woven Poly Prop Sacks
  13. 180x100x350 - HOR114243 2-Ply Plain Kraft S.O.S Sacks without Handles
    180x100x350 - HOR114243 2-Ply Plain Kraft S.O.S Sacks without Handles Learn More
  14. 16x25x39 - Clear Refuse Sacks
  15. 20x30 - 400g Blue Rubble Sacks-on-Roll
  16. Refuse-On-Roll

    Starting at: £0.16

    High quality sacks ideal for disposal of refuse.

    • Available in various sizes and thicknesses for light for heavy materials.
    Learn More
  17. H.T. Sacks
  18. Grey Mailing Bags

    Starting at: £17.52

    Wide Range of Sizes from Very Small to Extra Large
    Opaque Grey Mailing Bags with Permanent Self Adhesive Strip
    • Large Stocks held ensuring Quick Delivery
    • Strong and Durable
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Made from Recycled Plastics
    • Custom Sizes, Colours, Printing with your Design and Logo available subject to Minimum Quantities
    Learn More
  19. 20x30 - 500g Aggregate Sacks
  20. 18x29x34 - Heavy (40mu) Black Refuse Sacks
  21. 18x29x39 - Med (25mu) Black Refuse Sacks
  22. 18x29x39 - Heavy (40mu) Black Refuse Sacks
  23. 18x29x39 - ExHeavy (44mu) Black Refuse Sacks
    18x29x39 - ExHeavy (44mu) Black Refuse Sacks Learn More
  24. 18x32x39 - Heavy (35mu) Black Refuse Sacks
  25. 20x30 - 500g Blue Rubble Sacks
  26. 22x33 - 550g Blue Rubble Sacks
  27. 17x29 - 500g Ribbed White Rubble Sacks
  28. 18x29x34 - Med (25mu) Black Refuse Sacks
  29. 22x33x47 - 300g Compactor Sacks
  30. 16x19.5x21 - 70gsm 2-Ply Paper Sacks

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