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  1. 9mm - Bag Neck Sealer - Plastic
  2. Pro-loc Sealable / Resealable Plastic Bags

    Starting at: £0.00

    GRIPSEAL BAGS - Resealable, reliable, tough polythene bags (approx. 160g), available in plain, or with a write-on panel and also in a heavy duty range (350g) .
    This multi use product can be used again and again.


    • Huge range of sizes, available from stock
    • Other sizes to special order subject to quantity
    • Easy opening and closing - saves time
    • High clarity for superb presentation purposes, also bespoke printing
    • Write-on panel saves the need for labels
    • Handy heavy duty thickness available
    • Resealable and reusable
    • BondMarkTM accredited product guaranteed peace of mind
    • 100% recyclable
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  3. Stretch film dispensers

    Starting at: £6.70

    Pallet wrap dispensers make applying stretch wrap easier, saves hand burn and keeps your hands away from the ground. Learn More
  4. Hand Core Strapping/Banding (Plastic Reel)

    Starting at: £31.70

    TENSO TM polypropylene strapping is a premium brand of tough polypropylene
    strapping for parcels, bundles and pallets. Embossed for additional grip.
    Supplied on a plastic reel.

    • Reliable and versatile
    • Light and flexible
    • Economical
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  5. Tenso - Polypropylene Strapping

    Starting at: £31.70


    The traditional embossed polypropylene strapping manufactured to stringent high specification standards...
    Tenso is the only strapping in the market which carries the BondMark™seal of quality.
    This tough polypropylene strapping will secure cartons, unitise parcels and stabilize pallet loads efficiently and economically, embossed for additional grip and supplied on a plastic reel.

    • Full range of sizes and breaking strengths
    • Suitable for manual and machine application
    • Consistent performance and quality - Tenso
    • Compatible with most machine manufacturers
    • Longer roll lengths reduces packaging waste
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  6. Strapping buckles - for use with woven polyester and polypropylene strapping
  7. Strapping seals

    Starting at: £0.01

    For use with hand strapping, applied with a tensioner and sealer on:

    • Polypropylene
    • Polyester
    • Steel strapping
    Learn More
  8. Plastic strapping tools

    Starting at: £30.50

    Strapping tools for use with:
    • polypropylene
    • extruded polyester
    • woven polyester
    • steel banding/strapping
    Learn More
  9. Sack ties

    Starting at: £0.02

    Ideal for sealing woven sacks, heavy duty polythene bags or attaching a tag to a product.
    Very quick when used with the sack tying tool.
    Also available with a plastic coating if required.
    • Easy to use
    Learn More
  10. Work station modules

    Some of the modular options for your packing bench are listed below and these can increase staff productivity and effectiveness if the correct options are provided for the task or packing operation.

    Learn More
  11. Scales - (SALTER)
  12. Stanley Style
    A 'must have' for all warehousing operations.
    Choose from our large range of stock knives or specialist knives are available upon request.
    Safety knifes with auto-retract blades or hidden blades are the most popular option for safe packing.
    • Wide range
    • Specialist blades available
    Learn More
  13. Moulded safety cutter
    Moulded plastic safety knife for cutting strapping, stretch film or opening boxes.

    For example, the vital bit of equipment for cutting off stretch film from the roll - when done! Learn More
  14. 12”x18” Poly Bags
    • For Food Use • Dispenser boxed • 300 x 450 mm • 150g (38mu) • Packed in 500’s • Medium strength plastic bags. Learn More
  15. Salt / Grit
    De-icing salt

    Did you know why marine salt is far
    better than traditional Brown Rock Salt?

    Cleaner – leaves virtually no residue –
    unlike the clay to be trodden inside
    from Rock Salt

    Higher purity levels means the salt
    starts to work quicker, plus it’s the salt
    that does the de-icing not the grit!

    Covers a larger area
    Learn More
  16. Glue guns
    Industrial glue guns for use with glue sticks for bonding of most paper or plastic.

    Makes continuous dispensing of glue controllable and straight forward. Learn More
  17. Double Sided Tape - Perm

    Starting at: £1.15

    Strong double sided tape for a variety of applications.
    Available in easy tear tissue or tough polypropylene.
    Ideal for bonding plastic, metal, paper, wood or glass.
    Fingerlift has no adhesive on the edges making it very easy to remove the backing tape.

    • UV resistant
    • 3 types available
    Learn More
  18. 12mmx2,000mx.55 - Black P/P Strapping 130BS
    12mmx2,000mx.55 - Black P/P Strapping 130BS Learn More
  19. 12mmx1,300mx.75 - Black P/P Strapping 220BS
    12mmx1,300mx.75 - Black P/P Strapping 220BS Learn More
  20. 12mmx1,500mx.8 - Black P/P Strapping 260BS
  21. 12mmx1,500mx.7 - Black P/P Strapping
  22. 12mm - Plastic Buckles
  23. Plastic - Business Card Boxes
  24. 8oz - Tall Drinking - Clear Plastic Cup
  25. 12mmx1,300mx.9 - Black P/P Strapping 310BS
  26. 12mmx1,000mx.9 - Yellow P/P Strapping 310BS
    12mmx1,000mx.9 - Yellow P/P Strapping 310BS Learn More
  27. Plastic pallets
    Reuseable 4 way entry plastic pallets are lightweight and don't need a certificate for export. They are chemical resistant and are nestable. Learn More
  28. Postal tubes

    Starting at: £0.04

    Cardboard tubes manufactured from spiral wound board. Ideal for wall planners or posters. Supplied with plastic end caps.
    • Robust, practical and secure
    • Suitable for posters, maps and charts etc
    Learn More
  29. Edge and corner protectors

    Starting at: £0.01

    • Plastic edge protectors prevent strapping crushing the edges of cartons and ensures the strapping does not slip .
    • Expanding corner protectors are ideal for items such as laminated worktops, cupboard doors, picture frames etc.
    • Plastic open corner protectors can be used for protecting flat packed sheeting, whilst in transit.
    Learn More
  30. Maxtape® - Masking tape

    Starting at: £0.96

    Quality High Performance Masking Tape

    Maxtape® is the only range of masking and kraft self-adhesive tapes with the BondMark™ seal of quality to carry peace of mind. 
    Manufactured to the highest standard, the Maxtape® range covers most industrial applications, and is available from stockists in a wide range of widths.

    General purpose, sticks to most metals, plastic surfaces and removes cleanly after use.
    • Choice of sizes
    • 2 grades
    Learn More

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