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17D19SS 19mm Heavy Duty Steel Double Notch Sealer
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Standard Tensioner

Order Code  Description
17DSTS  Steel strapping standard tensioner 12 -19mm

Heavy Duty Tensioner

Order Code  Description
17DST19  Steel strapping heavy duty tensioner 12 -19mm
17DST  Steel strapping heavy duty tensioner to 32mm

Round Pack Tensioner

Order Code  Description
17TERP12  Steel strapping roundpack tensioner 12 -19mm
 - S246  
17TERP32  Steel strapping heavy duty roundpack tensioner
  25 - 32mm - S247

Sealess combination tool

Order Code  Description
17CTSLBU  Steel strapping seal-less combination tool -

Standard sealer

Order Code  Description
17DSSS  Steel strapping standard sealer for 13mm snapon

Single notch sealer

Order Code  Description
17D19SS  Steel strapping single-notch sealer for 19mm
  lap-over seals
17DSS  Steel strapping single-notch sealer for 25mm
  lap-over seals

Standard cutter

Order Code  Description
17DSCS  Steel strapping standard cutter for strapping up
  to 32mm

Safety cutter

Order Code  Description
17DSC  Steel strapping safety cutter for 12 -19mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Code 17DS
Length (mm) 0.0000
Width (mm) 0.0000
Height (mm) 0.0000
Thickness (mu) No
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