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  1. 200 x 120 Air Bag Film
  2. Eurofit double wall cartons

    Starting at: £2.58

    The ultimate answer for perfect pallet loads.
    Designed to fit exactly on to standard Euro pallets.
    • Increased pallet stability
    • Strong and durable
    • Improved presentation
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  3. Dynabox

    Starting at: £1.02

    The perfect box!
    Dynabox is a well constructed BondMarkTM carton to precisely suit your needs
    Standard size for Dynabox is; 300x225x225mm (12x9x9") 
    All regular A4 sizesavailable in Single Wall
    12 x 9 x 9
    12 x 9 x 7
    12 x 9 x 6
    12 x 9 x 5
    12 x 9 x 4
    12 x 9 x 3

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  4. Single wall cartons

    Starting at: £0.82

    Single wall cartons for every day lightweight use. In standard 125K/T/B board grade, many sizes held in stock. Learn More
  5. Double wall cartons (for strength)

    Starting at: £1.49

    Our stock range is growing all the time. If you do not see the size you require, please ask. Alternatively refer to our in-house bespoke manufacturing service. Learn More
  6. Foam lined postal boxes

    For the posting of delicate or fragile items.
    Also why not consider Foam Roll

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  7. Polythene bags - Light (80-100guage)

    Starting at: £0.01

    Multi-purpose clear polythene bags available in a wide range of sizes.

    Lightweight Linear (LL) - 80 to 100gauge (20 to 25mu).

    • Very large stocks held ensuring quick delivery
    • 100% recyclable
    • Suitable for food use
    • Suitable for use with heat sealers
    • Bespoke sizes and printing available subject to minimum quantities
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  8. Palletboxes (flat packed)
    One of the most versatile and reliable packaging solutions.  Ideal for heavy items, exporting or storage.
    Flat packed for storage and assemble in only a few seconds.
    • Choice of sizes
    • Strong and durable
    • Bespoke sizes available
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  9. Polystyrene sheets
    This standard range of polystyrene sheets can be used to protect heavy and unusual shaped products.  Custom sizes or shapes are easily available to order.
    • Cost effective lightweight protection
    • CFC free
    • Custom sizes
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  10. Shelf bins
    Practical die cut cardboard bins, ideal for storage of small fixings or parts. Choose from our standard range or you can order a bespoke size (subject to minimum quantity). Supplied flat packed. Learn More
  11. Plastic pallets
    Reuseable 4 way entry plastic pallets are lightweight and don't need a certificate for export. They are chemical resistant and are nestable. Learn More
  12. Presswood pallets

    Presswood pallets are made from recycled waste wood and conform to ISPM15 regulations for export. Their unique design allows the pallets to be nested together, taking less than half the space taken by conventional pallets.

    • Lightweight and economical
    • Ideal for export
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  13. Timber pallets
    Heat treated, standard pallets for export and general use.
    Wooden pallets for export often need to be heat treated to the international standard ISPM15.
    • Choice of sizes
    •  Tough and strong
    •  Re-useable
    Learn More
  14. SwiftguardTM
    Fluted polypropylene protection board

    This durable layerpad can easily be shaped to size, due to it's versatile nature.
    SwiftguardTM has a custom printing option, available, to reveal your marketing message.

    Excellent floor protection, or for covering large areas whilst powder coating or can be used as a layerpad. Strong but it is easily creased or cut to size.
    Choose from either black or translucent. Custom printing available for as little as 500 sheets. Learn More
  15. Corrugated Sheetboard

    Starting at: £3.67

    Load stability

    Single or double wall sheet board. Ideal as a layerpad for increasing load stability.
    • Cost effective
    • Protects from vibration and abrasion in transit
    • Virtually any size available
    Learn More
  16. Tourer - Opaque Polythene Mailers

    Starting at: £0.07

    Branded Blue or Grey Opaque Polythene Mailers

    Tourer is a well made quality product with an Instant-Grab permanent adhesive seal on lip.
    Blue is the most widely used and gives a better quality image.

    An excellent product at an excellent price. Learn More
  17. Clear polythene mailers

    Starting at: £0.04

    Ensure your mail is safe with this strong, lightweight polythene mailer. Each mailer is made in 38 micron film and has a permanent self-seal lip.

    • Clearly identifies contents
    • Improves presentation


    Learn More
  18. Paper padded bag

    Starting at: £0.17

    Paper padding protective postal bag. The heavy duty protection of the 100% recycled paper padding is excellent for bulky or heavy items.
    • Tough, shock-absorbing paper padding
    • Double-glued bottom flap, seamless sides
    • With  self adhesive strip
    Learn More
  19. Envosafe™ bubble lined postal bags

    Starting at: £0.12

    A premium quality bubble lined postal bag to minimise postal costs.

    Envosafe protect - A first class mailing solution - light weight, clean, bubble-lined, strong 90gsm laminated white kraft paper envelope.
    Envosafe secure - heavier duty for maximum protection but minimum postage, 120gsm laminate kraft, ultimate puncture resistance envelope. Learn More
  20. Postal tubes

    Starting at: £0.04

    Cardboard tubes manufactured from spiral wound board. Ideal for wall planners or posters. Supplied with plastic end caps.
    • Robust, practical and secure
    • Suitable for posters, maps and charts etc
    Learn More
  21. Commercial envelopes
    This lady-bird symbol is used to represent our Commercial envelopes. Choose from a wide range of sizes of white or manilla envelopes for everyday office applications. The white envelopes have a blue hatch opaque interior to keep contents confidential.
    • Also available with gummed seal
    • Bespoke printing available
    Learn More
  22. Gusset envelopes
    This kangaroo symbol is used to represent our versatile range of Gusset envelopes for all bulky postal applications with peel and seal closure. The white envelopes have a blue hatch opaque interior to keep contents confidential. Ideal for catalogues, pricelists, books or other bulky postable items.
    • Sourced from sustainable forests
    • Suitable for over printing


    Learn More
  23. EnDURO tear resistant envelopes
    This rhino symbol is used to represent our EnDURO tear resistant product. It is constructed from a Tri-laminate sandwich of paper, polythene and paper, giving it superb puncture and tear resistance. The paper face has the advantage of being fully over-printable and has a blue hatch opaque interior.
    • Peel & seal closure
    • Overprintable
    • Royal Mail approved

    Learn More
  24. Board back envelopes
    This turtle symbol is used to represent our Heavy duty boardback envelopes, made using 1000 micron backing board and a heavyweight face paper to ensure protection when posting bendable items. Manilla board back envelopes are printed "PLEASE DO NOT BEND" whilst white board backs remain unprinted so as not to obstruct any print that may be put on the face.
    • Sourced from sustainable forests
    • Suitable for overprinting

    Learn More
  25. Vari-flex mailing box
    Rapid assembly universal packaging for printing, textiles and other manufactured goods. Self adhesive seal and easy tear strip provides a secure and tamper evident seal. Choose from our standard range or special sizes are available on request.
    • Fast, easy assembly
    • 100% recyclable
    Learn More
  26. Vari-flex part box
    Shock Absorbing Solution

    A versatile packaging solution for shock sensitive goods such as optical and electronic equipment. The special stretch mechanism fixes the product securely and eliminates the need for other shock absorbing materials. Supplied flat packed for easy storage before use. Environmentally friendly - can be disposed of with waste paper.
    • Fast, easy assembly
    • 4 sizes
    Learn More
  27. Procell Foam Wrap

    Starting at: £33.00

    Protective LDPE foam packaging

    The ultimate, cost effective protection… Procell has a unique cross-linked cellular construction which means it is resilient to impact and has an anti-scratch surface.

    It is excellent for overwrapping or interleaving items that could scuff, and can pack all shapes and fragile items.
    Learn More
  28. Premium postal boxes
    An ideal solution for mailing out books, textiles and many other products. The unique buffer end design ensures that the contents arrive safely and in pristine condition.

    • Self-adhesive seal
    • Easy to open
    • Variable height
    • 100% recyclable
  29. Corrugated Paper

    Starting at: £84.00

    Flexible, lightweight single-faced corrugated paper/card, ideal for interleaving, wrapping and separating products.

    Learn More
  30. Foam edge protection

    Starting at: £0.22

    Re-useable foam protection for tubes, edges and corners.  High impact protection and rapid application makes foam edge protection the right choice for protecting furniture, shelving, glass, worktops, or doors.
    • Strong, lightweight protection
    • Easy to use
    • 100% recyclable
    Learn More

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