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  1. Box & Lid Cartons

    Starting at: £0.82

    Box & Lid Cartons Learn More
  2. Single wall cartons

    Starting at: £0.68

    Single wall cartons for every day lightweight use. In standard 125K/T/B board grade, many sizes held in stock. Learn More
  3. Double wall cartons (for strength)

    Starting at: £1.24

    Our stock range is growing all the time. If you do not see the size you require, please ask. Alternatively refer to our in-house bespoke manufacturing service. Learn More
  4. Palletboxes (flat packed)
    One of the most versatile and reliable packaging solutions.  Ideal for heavy items, exporting or storage.
    Flat packed for storage and assemble in only a few seconds.
    • Choice of sizes
    • Strong and durable
    • Bespoke sizes available
    Learn More
  5. Dynabox

    Starting at: £0.85

    The perfect box!
    Dynabox is a well constructed BondMarkTM carton to precisely suit your needs
    Standard size for Dynabox is; 300x225x225mm (12x9x9") 
    All regular A4 sizesavailable in Single Wall
    12 x 9 x 9
    12 x 9 x 7
    12 x 9 x 6
    12 x 9 x 5
    12 x 9 x 4
    12 x 9 x 3

    Learn More
  6. Foam lined postal boxes

    For the posting of delicate or fragile items.
    Also why not consider Foam Roll

    Learn More
  7. Bulk distribution cases

    Starting at: £0.50

    Commonly known as BDC cases and are used for distribution of products in the retail and mail order industries.
    They are available as a single or double wall carton, with standard information printed on the end panels. Learn More
  8. Eurofit double wall cartons

    Starting at: £2.15

    The ultimate answer for perfect pallet loads.
    Designed to fit exactly on to standard Euro pallets.
    • Increased pallet stability
    • Strong and durable
    • Improved presentation
    Learn More
  9. SwiftguardTM
    Fluted polypropylene protection board

    This durable layerpad can easily be shaped to size, due to it's versatile nature.
    SwiftguardTM has a custom printing option, available, to reveal your marketing message.

    Excellent floor protection, or for covering large areas whilst powder coating or can be used as a layerpad. Strong but it is easily creased or cut to size.
    Choose from either black or translucent. Custom printing available for as little as 500 sheets. Learn More
  10. Brown solid board cartons - locking ends
    Easy assemble solid board cartons with locking ends. Learn More
  11. Corrugated Sheetboard

    Starting at: £3.06

    Load stability

    Single or double wall sheet board. Ideal as a layerpad for increasing load stability.
    • Cost effective
    • Protects from vibration and abrasion in transit
    • Virtually any size available
    Learn More
  12. White solid board cartons

    Starting at: £0.90

    Attractive white tuck-in end style cartons made in sturdy 500 micron white backed folding board. Learn More
  13. Greyboard
    Greyboard is available in several thicknesses from 500 - 4000 micron and sizes up to 2750mm long x 1350mm wide. Commonly used for book binding and picture framing. Learn More
  14. 4x8½ - Comp. Slip Box & Lid (1/3rd A4)
    4x8½ - Comp. Slip Box & Lid (1/3rd A4) Learn More
  15. Shelf bins
    Practical die cut cardboard bins, ideal for storage of small fixings or parts. Choose from our standard range or you can order a bespoke size (subject to minimum quantity). Supplied flat packed. Learn More
  16. Cake Boxes

    Starting at: £0.05

    Solid board boxes for cakes. 2 part style has a box and lid. The others are fold out. Learn More
  17. Poly Laminate sheets

    Starting at: £12.93

    High density sheet foam, can be used to protect heavy and unusual shaped products. Easy to cut by hand to the desired size.
    • Cost effective lightweight protection
    • Available from stock
    • Choice of 25 or 50mm (1 / 2") thick
    • Custom sizes available to order
    Learn More
  18. Polystyrene sheets
    This standard range of polystyrene sheets can be used to protect heavy and unusual shaped products.  Custom sizes or shapes are easily available to order.
    • Cost effective lightweight protection
    • CFC free
    • Custom sizes
    Learn More
  19. Presswood pallets

    Presswood pallets are made from recycled waste wood and conform to ISPM15 regulations for export. Their unique design allows the pallets to be nested together, taking less than half the space taken by conventional pallets.

    • Lightweight and economical
    • Ideal for export
    Learn More
  20. Staples for carton staplers
  21. Insta-Pals

    The quick and easy way to convert any size of double or triple wall case into a palletised container. For larger cases, an Insta-Pal centre is available to support the centre of the case.

    • Easy to use - Clip  on/Self adhesive
    Learn More
  22. Timber pallets
    Heat treated, standard pallets for export and general use.
    Wooden pallets for export often need to be heat treated to the international standard ISPM15.
    • Choice of sizes
    •  Tough and strong
    •  Re-useable
    Learn More
  23. Timber cases and crates

    Very strong and keeps contents safe when exporting. Has a hinged opening for easy loading of contents.

    • The superior protection export solution
    •  Tough and strong
    •  Re-useable
    Learn More
  24. Plastic pallets
    Reuseable 4 way entry plastic pallets are lightweight and don't need a certificate for export. They are chemical resistant and are nestable. Learn More

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24 Item(s)

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